About me


I was born in Dorohoi, a small town in the NE part of Romania, close to the border with both Ukraine and Moldavia (I've never visited any of them though...). I went to both mid-school and hi-school there and that's where I started developing my engineering thinking. I was quite good at math, physics and computer science. However, I was really bad at literature!

After graduating hi-school, I moved to Iasi to study Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at "Gh. Asachi" University. That's where I met my PhD supervisor, Prof. L. Goras, who managed to awake my interest for signal processing (images in particular). During university years, I "sacrificed" two summer holidays to go to US under Work and Travel programs. I visited two remote places: Alaska and Yellowstone NP and I must say that, back then, this was an amazing experience!

I decided to follow a Masters program as well as a PhD, focusing on Machine Learning with applications to Image Processing. My PhD thesis, defended in September 2012, is a study on the impact of feature extraction techniques used in recognizing faces, hand gestures and head postures.

Right after defending my PhD thesis, I moved to Trento for one year as a project-based collaborator in TrentoRise.

Nowadays, I am working as a post-doc in MHUG, under the supervision of Nicu Sebe.

I enjoy solving all sorts of technical problems, from mechanical ones (I often fix my bicycle and perform "light" interventions to my car - the ones that do not require a qualification, to be clear :) ) to the ones that arise from the nature of my work. Speaking of bicycle, I like to climb mountains, be it on foot or on two wheels, as much as I like skiing, traveling and photography.

Ferrata Latemar (Italy), 2016

Radu-Laurenţiu Vieriu, PhD